The Par Fit SmaRT1000 series.

Now there’s a smarter replacement for Pall SRT UE series elements: The Par Fit SmaRT1000 series. The result of engineering investment and innovation on a global scale, Par Fit SmaRT1000 elements combine the most advanced filter technology with universal availability and maximum affordability.

A straight swap for Pall.
A step change in your performance.

The Par Fit SmaRT1000 series is a direct replacement for a wide range of the Pall SRT UE element series; but with important performance and business advantages:

  • Replacement for the Pall UE219, UE319 and UE619 series elements with the quality and performance you can expect from Parker
  • Parker engineering, manufacturing quality and support – the assurance of product consistency and reliability, whatever the application, and wherever you are in the world
  • Economical alternative, with extended replacement cycle and lower lifetime cost
  • Incorporating Parker’s unique QuantumFiber™ and Static Control media, for advanced filltration quality
  • Availability from stock –removing the need for expensive stockholding, and minimising costly down time


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